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This page consists of Used Rifles & Shotguns. Our New Guns and our Used Handguns are listed separately.

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Burnside Saddle Ring Civil War Carbine. 54 cal. Dated 1856. Antique.

Civil War Burnside Saddle Ring Carbine. 54 cal. percussion cal. 21” barrel. Flip up rear sight. Right side of tang marked Burnside Rifle Co. Providence, RI. Top of receiver marked Burnside Patent March 25th, 1856. Receiver and bolt have matching serial numbers of 22711. Barrel is marked Cast Steel 186?. Walnut stock and forearm have been lightly refinished. The rear stock has a T inscribed on the right side. Action works as it should and locks up great. Percussion nipple looks really good. Bore is very bright and shiny with some small pitting, but very strong rifling. The gun through age has gained a beautiful patina. Awesome piece of Civil War history!              $1599.95

Colt Courier. 22 cal. Semi-auto Rifle. Pristine Condition, with box.

We have a Colt Courier in excellent condition! Semi-auto 22cal. 19.3/8” barrel. 15 shot magazine tube. Factory sling swivels. Walnut stock and forearm. Hooded front sight. Original Colt buttplate. Rare to find one in this great condition! No scratches on barrel or receiver. Wood is in fantastic condition. Comes with the original box and instruction manual. A true collector grade Colt!   $799.95

H & R Handi Rifle. Model SB2. 30-06 cal. 22” barrel. Scope base. Black synthetic stock and forearm with sling studs. Original recoil pad marked H & R 1871. This gun appears to be unfired and is in like NEW condition!                                                                                                         SOLD

Henry Golden Boy. 22 cal. Pheasants Forever Gun.

A beautiful Pheasants Forever, Henry Golden Boy. 22 cal. 20” octagon barrel with an adjustable rear buckhorn sight. 16 shot. Brass buttplate. This Golden Boy features the Pheasants Forever logo on the right side of the receiver. This gun is in Great Shape!                                         $429.95

Japanese Arisaka Rifle. 7.7 Jap cal. World War II military combat rifle. The gun is NOT import marked, original vet bring back. Overall good condition. Mum has been ground off.             $379.99

Great looking Marlin Model 94 in 25-20 cal. 24 inch octagon barrel. Original iron sights. Excellent wood in the forearm and buttstock. No cracks or dings! Super good bore with sharp rifling. This fine rifle was made in 1905. This lever action will make a great shooter!                  $1199.95

RARE Marlin Model 1895. 38-56 cal. 26 inch octagon barrel. Original iron sights. Made 1898. Barrel bluing is very dark with a little light specking. Small traces of case coloring left in receiver. Bore is very good with strong rifling. May need some action work. Very RARE caliber.         $1799.95

New England Firearms Handi-Rifle. 243 cal. 22 inch barrel. Monte Carlo hardwood stock. Sling swivel studs. Complete with Redfield 2 3/4 power scope.                                                 $425.00

U.S. Parker Snow Rifled Musket. 58 cal. This rifle has the Miller Conversion. Takes a 58 caliber rim fire self contained copper cartridge. Only 2000 produced.  Altered for army trials around 1865-67. Well marked breech block reads; W.H. & G.W. MILLER PATENT MAY 23 1865 MERIDEN MFG CO MERIDEN CONN, in 4 lines. Barrel length including breech block 31.5", overall 48". Retains both sling swivels and the original swelled tulip head ramrod. This one is in good to very good overall condition for its age and military service. The wood is free of cracks and has one chip by the receiver, also has numerous dings and dents from its years in military service.                   $1150.95

Remington Model 742. 30-06 cal. Semi-Auto Rifle.

This is the Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster. This semi-auto gun features a 22” barrel with open sights. Receiver is drilled and tapped for easy scope mounting. Checkered walnut stock and forearm. 4 shot magazine. Hard to find in such great shape. Excellent condition!                 $529.95

Excellent Remington US Model 1903 bolt action military rifle. 30-06 cal. 24 inch barrel with original military iron sights. Wood is in fatastic condition with no dings. Original metal buttplate. Bluing is great and the bore is beautiful. Gun has not been modified in any way! Hard to find in this awesome condition!                                                                                                                  $1250.00

Very nice Savage Model 29 pump action rifle. 22 cal. 22 inch octagon barrel. This is a pre war model, as octagon barrels were only made until 1940. This gun retains excellent bluing. The Savage has been test fired and works as it should. This popular Savage is in great shape!            $329.95                                                         

Unique Springfield Model 84C bolt action rifle with 5 shot detachable magazine. 22 cal. 24 inch barrel. Awesome stock which has been refinished and is NEW!                            $139.95

Springfield US M1 Garand. 30-06 cal. 24 inch barrel dated 1952. Gun is complete with 3 swivels and bayonet lug. Original military iron sights. No cracks or dings in stock and retains the original military metal buttplate with the hinged door. This piece of history is used, but was taken care of really well! Overall in great condition.                                                                                $1299.99

Springfield M1 Tanker version of the M1 Garand. 308 cal. 18 inch barrel. Receiver is marked TANKER on the left side.  Complete with sling swivels and bayonet lug. Stock is in perfect condition, absolutely no scratches or dings, complete with military metal buttplate with the hinged door. M1 A style upper forearm guard. Original military adjustable sights. Very good condition!         $1649.95 

T/C Thompson Center Encore 209 x 50 Mag. cal. Muzzleloader Like NEW!



Like NEW T/C Thompson Center Encore. 209 x 50 Magnum cal. This Encore frame is fitted with the 26” 50 cal. muzzleloader barrel. Gun uses the 209 primer. Black synthetic stock and forearm. Original T/C recoil pad. Adjustable rear green fiber optic sight and a red fiber optic front sight. Bore is bright and shiny as new with no issues! A sight may have been mounted where the scope goes and left very tiny small marks on the barrel (no scratches) This guns comes complete with the T/C nipple wrench, brass cleaning jag and T/C trigger lock along with the instruction manual, T/C book and CD. This gun is in very excellent condition!                                                                                $599.95

Winchester Model 62 pump rifle. 22 cal. 23 inch barrel complete with Winchester original iron sights. Winchester buttplate. Overall in really great shape.                                              $799.95

Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle. 32 WCF/32-20cal. Mfg. 1901

Very nice Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle. 32 WCF (32-20) cal. 24 inch octagon barrel. Winchester rear ladder sight and standard front sight. Complete with dust cover. Wood is in very good condition with no cracks or splits that I can see, just the usual handling marks. Sharp lettering on the barrel, along with very prominent caliber markings. Shootable bore. Mfg 1901. Great looking 118 year old gun. Good solid Winchester!                                  $1999.95                           

Winchester 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine. 44-40 (44WCF) cal. 20 inch round barrel. Made in 1900. This gun has the original rear ladder sight and dust cover. This model features a trap door in the rear stock. Bore is very good with very pronounced rifling. Stocks are in very good condition with no cracks or gouges, just the usual handling marks.                                                    $3199.95  

Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle. 44-40 WCF cal. Mfg. 1886. Antique

We have a Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle that would like a new home. 44-40 WCF cal. 24 inch octagon barrel. This is the 3rd Model, Mfg. in 1886. Antique rifle needs no FFL, just an ID. 1873’s have the iron frame with sideplates and case hardened parts. This over 130 year old rifle has the caliber stamped on the barrel, ahead of the receiver. The dust cover rail is integral with the frame. The top screw in the dust cover is missing (a common occurrence and can be easily replaced). There is a sliver of wood missing on both sides of the forearm and there is an old gouge on the rear stock by the lever. Other than that the wood is good with no cracks, just the usual handling marks. Bore is good with very pronounced rifling. This model also features a trapdoor in the crescent butt and works as it should. A very good solid rifle that anyone would be proud to own.       $2499.95

Awesome  Winchester Model 1886. 45-70 cal. This is the deluxe version with the walnut stocks with cut checkering. 26 inch octagon barrel. Full length magazine tube. Curved buttstock. Like New. 


Winchester Model 1892 Lever Action Rifle 25-20 WCF cal. Mfg.1910

Winchester Model 1892 Lever Action Rifle. 25-20 WCF cal. 24 inch octagon barrel. Iron sights. Crescent butt. Good bore with strong rifling. Wood is good, no cracks that I can see. The stock and forearm show the usual handling marks. Good clean screws (not buggered up), usually shows the owner took excellent care of his firearm. Normal wear, a few small scratches on receiver, typical of a 110 year old gun that was used. A good solid Winchester!                                $1499.95




Winchester Model 1894 Rifle. 38-55 cal. 26 inch octagon barrel. This gun was made in 1902. complete with iron sights. Bore is very good with strong rifling. wood is good and solid with no cracks, forearm does have an old dent on the right side.                                                                $1899.95

Winchester 9422 XTR Lever Action Rifle. 22 cal. Great Shape. Awesome Wood!


We have a beautiful Winchester Model 9422 XTR Lever Action Rifle. 22 cal. 15 shot magazine tube. 20 1/2” barrel. Mirror bright bore and like new action! Grooved forged steel receiver. Checkered high gloss walnut stock and forearm. Original Winchester buttplate. The wood on this gun is fantastic, especially the rear stock! Amazing wood figuring that is not seen too often. The stock and forearm and bluing are in excellent condition! There are some very small marks on the rear stock at the end of the checkering on the right side of the stock. This gun would make a great addition to anyone’s gun collection!                                                                                            $1499.95

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We have an awesome Fox BSE made by Savage for sale. 410 ga. Shoots 3 inch or 2 1/2 inch shells. 26 inch barrels with vent rib and double beads. Single trigger. Selective ejectors. Beavertail forearm. This gun is in great shape. Sweet handling and Fox quality!                                      $1299.95  

Ithaca Model 37 Waterfowler. 12 ga. 3”

Hard to find Ithaca Model 37 Waterfowler with Advantage Max 4 Camo. 12 ga. 3” This Ithaca’s 28” barrel is designed specifically to shoot steel shot. Complete with Ithaca’s extended choke tube to insure excellent shot patterning. Choke is marked .710 ID which is light modified, almost improved cylinder choke. Barrel is equipped with the Ithaca Raybar front sight, noted for it’s great light gathering ability! Plus a factory Ithaca recoil pad. Gun has not been shot much.          $637.50

Ithaca XL900 made by SKB. Semi auto 20 ga. Shoots 2 3/4 inch or 3 inch shells. 28 inch vet rib barrel. Fiber optic red front sight. Full choke. Beautiful engraved receiver.                 Sold

Remington 870 Express pump shotgun. 20 ga. 3 inch 26 inch barrel. Vent rib. Remchoke (screw in chokes) Recoil pad. Excellent condition!                                                         $289.99

Springfield Model 1929 Single Shot. 12 ga.

Springfield nickeled receiver, Model 1929. Single shot. 12 ga. 29 1/2" barrel. Modified choke. Black wood stock and forearm.                                                                                               $79.95

Stevens Model 107B Single Shot Shotgun. 16 ga. Tenite Stocks

We have a unique Stevens Model 107B Single Shot Shotgun. 16 ga. with Tenite Stocks. These guns with these stocks are getting harder to find and these stocks are in great shape. No cracks, just the usual handling marks. This makes the gun lightweight, ideal for female or young shooters! This 16 ga. has a 28 inch barrel. Modified choke. Bluing is good overall, one small spot it has been blued over light pitting. Excellent case colors in the receiver. Bore is bright and shiny.          $219.95

Traditions Model AL 2100 Shotgun. 20 ga. 3”.

Awesome Traditions Semi-Auto 20 ga. Shotgun. 26” vent rib barrel with red fiber optic bead. 3” chamber. Beautiful checkered walnut stock and forearm. Lightweight shotgun for the young new shooter and great for the female shooter too! Only 6 lbs. 5 oz. This gun never went hunting, only target shooting. Like NEW in excellent condition!                                                $319.95

Winchester Model 1912. 16 ga. Nickel Steel. Mfg. 1915.

Winchester Model 1912. 16 ga. 26” barrel. Full choke. This is the nickel steel version, which makes the gun very durable. This gun was mfg. in 1915. Original Winchester buttplate. The Win. has lost some of the bluing which is typical of nickel steel guns. This over 100 year old gun shows some usage wear but is still a good solid gun. Nice lightweight hunting gun!                                  $429.95

Winchester Model 12 pump shotgun. 16 ga. 28 inch barrel. Full choke. Original buttplate. Excellent condition.                                                                                                                  $637.50

Winchester Model 140. 12 ga. Shotgun. Silver Receiver.

One of a kind Winchester Model 140 Shotgun 12 ga. with a silver receiver! 28” barrel. Modified choke. 2 3/4” chamber. 3 shot. This gun has been expertly redone with a silver receiver. Wood is like new with no defects that I can see. Bluing is exquisite. Original Winchester buttplate. Unique one of a kind gun!                                                                                                                            $399.95

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