• Payment for transfers is CASH ONLY.  Fees are as follows:
  • Incoming transfers:
  • Firearm is $25.00.
  • Outgoing Transfers:
  • $25.00 per firearm plus actual shipping costs (USPS Priority, UPS or FedEx).


It's simple, really.  Let's use an online purchase example to demonstrate.  The steps are below:

  • Contact D & B Guns at 320-221-0724 that you intend to make an online purchase.
  • You shop online and locate the gun and pay and purchase from the seller.
  • Once you've made your purchase, provide the seller with D & B Guns contact information.
  • Notify D & B Guns of your purchase and we will email a copy of our FFL (needed to transfer the firearm).
  • The seller ships the firearm to D & B Guns.
  • D & B Guns receives the firearm and notifies you that it is ready to be picked up.
  • You go to D & B Guns, pay the transfer fee and provide a copy of your ID (driver's license for the state in which the transfer is occurring, and your Permit to Purchase or Permit to Carry, if needed) and complete the 4473 paperwork.  This may be done on a paper form or electronically.
  • D & B Guns will perform a NICS background check to make sure you're not disqualified from gun ownership.  The FFL transfer fee is typically non-refundable, meaning that if your background check comes back with a "Denied" response, you will not get a refund on your FFL transfer fee.
  • Assuming that the background check comes back with a "Proceed" result, D & B Guns will transfer the firearm to you.

If you would like to learn more about gun buying/transfer process, please click on the FAQ link.