Transfer Process for Buying a Gun Online.

Easily transfer a gun from an online purchase to you for as little as $25.00.

  1. Research the internet, find the firearm you want.
  2. Check with D & B Guns if it is legal in Minnesota.
  3. Purchase the firearm and pay for it.
  4. Contact D & B Guns with an email address of the seller.
  5. Please provide your contact info to D & B.
  6. D & B Guns will send the seller the necessary transfer information.
  7. We will contact you when the gun arrives.
  8. Buyer needs to complete the required 4473 paperwork.
  9. If you are approved by the BATF and transfer fee is paid the gun is all yours.
  10. D & B Guns does not get involved in the financial part of the purchase; we only are the transferring agent.